mindfully made jewelry

Sustainability & Ethics

We want you to feel good about your Midori jewelry as much as looking good in them. Sustainability and ethics are at the forefront of our mission where we strive to reduce carbon footprint, use recycled materials and sustainable packaging wherever possible.

We are continuously looking to improve our sustainability efforts from material sourcing to reducing carbon footprint throughout our manufacturing process.

Here are some of the ways we are contributing to our beautiful planet:

our factories

As an ethical brand, we care about the well-being of everyone involved in the jewelry making process. Our factory-produced pieces are handmade by a small-scale, family-run factory based in Thailand that is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. Our factory is regularly audited by the RJC to ensure a safe working condition including an adquate wage, good work-life balance. They also have a strict policy to NEVER accept child labour.

our materials & packaging

We strive to use recycled materials wherever we can in our supply chain, including sourcing recycled gold and silver for our metals. Our gemstones are ethically sourced by Responsible Jewelry Council certified suppliers to ensure we don't cause damage to the environment. We only use recyclable and compostable materials in our packaging, including our mailer bags, promotional cards, stickers, boxes, and pouches.

Giving back

It's our mission to contribute directly to environmental causes that we care about -- that's why we joined 1% for the Planet, a pledge to donate 1% of the annual revenue to various environmental non-profit organizations that are helping restore our oceans and reduce pollution.