We upgraded our packaging! | Midori Jewelry Co.

We upgraded our packaging!

What better timing to do a major upgrade on our packaging than our store relaunch? Introducing our new Midori branded jewelry box and a velvet pouch that will come with every order, made with sustainable packaging.

Being eco-friendly is at the heart of brand ethos and we are just so happy to be able to make your unboxing experience even better while keeping our earth unharmed! Our packaging is compostable or recyclable — you can compost our mailer bag, glassine envelope, sticker, and shipping label.

You can learn more about what we are doing to become an ethical brand on our Sustainability page.

Please feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions or thoughts about our packaging, we always want to hear from you!

April 20, 2022
We are moving (temporarily) to Thailand! | Midori Jewelry Co.

We are moving (temporarily) to Thailand!

For the new faces here, I'm Olivia, the founder of Midori Jewelry Co. and it's a pleasure to meet you! I handle everything from answering your emails, making your jewelry, packaging, marketing, restocking, and everything else in between. Wanting to create jewelry that could bring joy and confidence to women who wear them without the worry of cheap quality or a hefty price tag, I created Midori almost 2 years ago. I started the business filled with doubt that I would succeed in this overly crowded space. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with the love and support I received from so many wonderful people that I had the pleasure of getting to know through Midori, and for that I'm eternally grateful! There were months where this little business was the only thing that was holding me together while COVID brought so much uncertainty to the world. 

Coinciding with our two year anniversary, we are temporarily moving our little business overseas to Thailand for about 1 to 2 years! I'm so excited about this new change and I hope you are too. I have a lot of plans for Midori this year, including launching new designs inspired by my new journey in Asia. Thailand is also well known for their skilled jewelry artisans and being a trading spot for gemstones from around the world. All of this makes Thailand a perfect place for me to learn and grow Midori to a stage that I can't wait to see!

I appreciate your patience as I get everything ready for the move. Our online store is tentatively scheduled to reopen on April 1, with further announcement if plans change. Please sign up to our newsletter so you'd be the first to know when we reopen, along with other exciting sales and new collection launches! 

I can never say enough thank you for supporting my small business and my big dream. Thank you! 

Big hugs, 
Olivia xx


January 29, 2022
What is gold-filled jewelry? | Midori Jewelry Co.

What is gold-filled jewelry?

Lately I've been getting many questions about gold-filled jewelry so I thought it would be helpful to write a blog to summarize everything you need to know about gold-filled jewelry and how to care for them.


What is gold-filled?


The term gold-filled, gold, and gold-plated get thrown around a lot so it can get really confusing! Gold fill is the new choice for many jewelry lovers because of its quality and price. Gold fill is a layered material constructed in two or three layers. The base metal, usually made with brass, is permanently bonded with a thick layer of gold. Gold fill typically contains 100x more gold than gold-plated jewelry which makes it much better quality and longer-lasting. Our gold-filled jewelry comes in 14k gold fill or 18k gold fill — a perfect option if you don't want to worry about your jewelry tarnishing easily or have sensitive skin.


How to care for gold-filled jewelry?


Let's talk about how to take care of your gold-filled jewelry to keep that beautiful gold layer shining. Although it is safe to wear in water, make sure to dry your gold-filled jewelry thoroughly after it comes in contact with water. It's also important to keep your it away from chemicals such as shampoo, lotion, and perfume. When cleaning your gold-filled jewelry, add a small amount of soft liquid soap in warm water and gently scrub your jewelry with a soft cloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly and store it in a jewelry box or a pouch. Visit our jewelry care page for more details on how to clean and maintain your jewelry.


If you have any questions about our gold-filled jewelry, please send us an email at cs@midorijewelry.co or reach out to us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/midorijewelry!

January 09, 2021